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Ge’tcher fresh French donuts here!

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I was in Lyon last week and came across a doughnut shop that had opened since I was last in town in November. Excited by the prospect of donuts and amused by the name (there’s no real connection between the food item and the borough), I went in and was persuaded into getting four.

I chose lemon, raspberry, chocolate with hazelnut and spéculoos (a typical Flemish cookie). Having nowhere else to put them, I shoved the box in my shoulder bag and this is what they looked like when I dared to see how much damage they had suffered. Points for resilience.

They tasted… meh. The cake itself seemed like it was day-old but the frosting was exactly how I like it; the kind you can almost peel off whole (if they’ve not already broken in transit). Perhaps not surprising as it’s the only semi-indigenous flavor, the spéculoos was the best one though you can really see how little cake there is and how the consistency is a bit too bread-y and dry.

Fear not, good reader: as God is my witness, I shall find good, American style donuts in France!


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

One thought on “Ge’tcher fresh French donuts here!

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