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The paradox of the buttered cat

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably picked up that I’m into plays on words and puns and all that kind of tomfoolery. It should therefore come as no surprise that I’d be drawn to a book called Anagrammes renversantes ou Le sens caché du monde [Astounding Anagrams or The Hidden Meaning of the World].

The premise is that a physicist and a jazz musician got together and started to throw anagrams at each other and pretty soon, they developed a semi-elaborate game where they’d start a story with a phrase and end the story with an anagram of the initial phrase.

A lot of the humor is going straight over ma tête, but the stuff I am able to understand is very funny. My favorite one so far is the paradox of the buttered cat: given that a cat always lands on its feet and that buttered bread always falls butter-side down, what would happen if you dropped a cat with a piece of buttered bread attached to its back?

For starters, I think the hypothesis is hysterical, but it also reminds me of this cartoon which I equally love:

(In the end, the two men determine that the answer would be so difficult for scientists, philosophers and other experts, that they’d all quickly end up a drunken mess.)

[More funny drawings here.]


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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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