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Columbo + pigeons = comedy

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Looking over one of the notebooks in which I jot down funny things, I was reminded of what happened when I got my haircut in September. As I was waiting my turn, I was flipping through that week’s issue of Le Figaro Magazine which was all about New York, marking as it was, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Part of the issue was dedicated to a typical day-in-the-life feature which had a lot of people and places I recognized, but then there was this heading which made me laugh so hard that I started coughing.

14h15 George Martin, colombophile et misanthrope à Brooklyn

It seemed totally logical that someone who loved watching Peter Falk as Columbo would be a misanthrope. I mean, the guy investigated murders and was always being lied to and there was clearly something not right about his home life. Plus, misanthropes congregate in Brooklyn since so many of them are hipsters and I was just cracking myself up imagining all kinds of different scenarios like a TV show starring the Beatles-producing George Martin solving mysteries in Brooklyn which I would watch the hell out of.

Anyway, when I got home, I looked up colombophile and saw that it means “pigeon fancier” which made a lot of sense since the article was about this guy who fed and trained pigeons from the roof of his building in Brooklyn. Sometimes actually understanding what the hell is going on is way less amusing.


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