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Great eggs

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I didn’t grow up eating eggs ’cause my mother didn’t love me. Actually, she claims that she never made them because she had some traumatic egg experience a long time ago, but the fact remains that it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I ate a plate of eggs.

My boyfriend at the time made them for me and I was really apprehensive since he was trying to impress me and I didn’t know if I liked eggs. Generally if I don’t like something, I’ll just spit it out, even if I make it myself, but I knew that his ego wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of rejection.

Fortunately for us both, I thought eggs were great. After that, I went on kind of an egg overload and tried cooking them all different ways to see which was best and discovering along the way that eggs go well with just about everything on the planet, meaning I totally agree with their incredible status.

Since those early days, I’ve settled on a few different ways to prepare my eggs at home and have been perfectly pleased with them.

Until I discovered Gordon Ramsay’s eggs. I was looking for info about Soccer Aid 2012 (don’t ask) and somehow ended up watching this video.

Holy shit are these good eggs. I made them last week, changing some things around. I only used two eggs and ate them in a baguette which I’d torn open and melted some cheese into. There are my new Go To Eggs. I want to eat them all the time.


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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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