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An American Spaniard in France or: How I Learned to Make an Ass of Myself in Three Cultures

Cross-continental musical convergence

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It’s weird how sometimes things come together isn’t it? In the news biz, they talk about how everything happens in threes (natural disasters, celebrity deaths, etc.) but in my own life, I find that two randomly connected things is enough to make me wonder at such a coincidence.

#1. Bloc Party released a trailer for their new album last week.

This is just days after (#2) I came across a cache of stuff related to my ramp-up and subsequent move to Spain in the summer of 2005. It turns out that I went to a Bloc Party concert in April 2005 at the Black Cat. I’m sure it was an amazing show since the venue holds about 700 people and, at the time, I had their album “Silent Alarm” on constant repeat on my first iPod and on my CD player at work. “Like Eating Glass” was totally my theme song for the first six months of that year.

This = better than work small talk

Part of what must have appealed to me was the relentlessness of the beats, which challenge you to keep up even as the lyrics say, “Breathe in, breathe out.” This is music to bike to, music to pack to and music to keep you working through a nine-hour day when you’d rather be bound to a rock and have your liver eaten for eternity because that would surely be an improvement.

I do remember when I saw them in Barcelona in mid-July 2007 at Summercase. They were the headliners and it felt awesome to be in a sea of people who all seemed to love Kele and Co. as much as I did, but I knew that I was special since “Silent Alarm” basically saved my life by keeping me from losing my damn mind.

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