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Pizza TV? TV pizza?

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At my current address, I get at least three pieces of junk mail a day. There’s usually a weekly circular from one of the local grocery or hardware stores and the rest is food delivery menus. I would normally throw all of it out without reading, but there’s interesting vocabulary to learn and sometimes, if you’re lucky, there’s some weird shit.

“The pizzas that have the flavor of your favorite TV shows!”

The recipes are

  • Monster Truck — tomato sauce, double mozzarella/cheddar, double chicken, potatoes, onion
  • Zombie Crush — tomato sauce, mozz, double sausage, fresh tomate, red pepper
  • Car Wash Girls — crème fraîche, sausage, mozz/cheddar, mushrooms, salsa
  • Catch Arena — tomato sauce, mozz/cheddar, sausage, chicken, merguez (Moroccan sausage), bbq sauce

I have no idea what any of the ingredients have to do with the given names, nor what shows they refer to. This is one of those things I’m not gonna investigate further. Of course, Game of Thrones pizza totally makes sense to me, so there must be some French people out there who would dig these.


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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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