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Arthur, King of the Britons


Sometimes, I don’t know why I doubt myself. The Monty Python boys have way more education than I ever will and they done tole me and tole me that the citizens of the United Kingdom were British, but I just didn’t trust them. This handy video about the UK vs. Great Britain vs. England explains the whole thing quite well. The part that’s been troubling me my whole life is cleared up by looking at this

They’re all British! Unless they’re (not Northern) Irish.

My confusion stemmed from people preferring to be called Welsh or Scottish, but they’re all Brits. Now all I’ve got to do is stop the violence inherent in the system.


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

5 thoughts on “Arthur, King of the Britons

  1. Trying to explain to French people that Scotland is a small country inside a big one and is not just “the top part of England” is difficult! Living in France has tought me that their word for “British” is generally treated as “anglais”, or English. Many a drunken argument… But, hey, if we go independant they’ll have to learn it!

    • But the question is: are you offended if someone calls you English or British? From what I understand, Brit is the more neutral term, as “English” implies neither Welsh, Scottish or Irish. Is that all right? I want to say the right thing!

      • I would get offended by English, and slilghtly offended by British. It’s technically correct, but we’re going for independance, so might not be for much longer. If you ever call an Irish person British, God save you!

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