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More fun with apartment listings!


Yay! Looking for a place in Paris is the most fun I’ve ever had! I am enjoying this experience so much! The opportunities for learning are infinite!

Like, here’s a place where I can practice my home renovation skills!

No, really! The listing specifies that the place is a fixer-upper and that it would be perfect for a building professional or an experienced handyman (travaux à prévoir, idéal professionnel du bâtiment ou bricoleur expérimenté)! Who doesn’t want to build a kitchen from scratch? In a rental?

Here, the toilet is like, “Get me the fuck out of here!” If the fixtures don’t want to stay, why the hell should I? And note how far away the toilet paper is! All the way on top of the tank!

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

3 thoughts on “More fun with apartment listings!

  1. Very interesting. We didn’t see places like this when we were looking for our apartment in Paris. We stuck to nicely renovated apartments but I do remember seeing some interesting descriptions and seeing some very strange layouts during our search. Can be fun but also stressful when you really need to get a place in a hurry. Paris isn’t the easiest place to go apartment hunting!

    • How did you eventually find your place? Do you recommend the web or going through an agency? I’m drowning a bit in too much information.

      • We didn’t have the luxury of time so we only used the websites of two agencies; both mostly geared to expats as were looking for furnished apartments as we are only here for 3 years and left all of our furniture back in Canada. We finally settled for one apartment as we were running out of time – not perfect but comfortable with nice landlord. Both agencies were fairly expensive but I think it is pretty standard. I also found that it was a fairly complex process and from what I understand most apartments are rented through agencies though there are a few that are rented directly from the landlords but I had trouble finding those. It was also difficult for us as we are new to Paris so had to put up a fairly hefty “caution bancaire” to secure the apartment. I will e-mail you the name of the agencies we used.

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