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Bachelor fridge


Speaking of being a total cliché, there is no reason why my fridge should contain only condiments, Coke and cheese (except that maybe I take alliteration too seriously).

bachelor fridge

Actually, I have a legitimate excuse, namely that one must go to several stores to stock up on things and food items here go bad almost instantly so one must either shop for dinner items every day or face this pitiful sight.

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

7 thoughts on “Bachelor fridge

  1. I so totally am with you on this. I recently wrote an article on my blog to describe the journey I had to make to simply do the grocery which is way more complicated (and less convenient) than in North America. We do get fresher products (and often much better) but it does require time and effort.

  2. Ha! when I lived alone, I had the same kind of stuff in my fridge. I often had cereals or instant risotto for dinner and I was perfectly content!

  3. When we went to Italy for our honeymoon we could cook at the B&B we stayed at and so we were given a taste of the European shopping experience, but I can definitely see how that would get tiresome as an everyday chore. At least in New York we had a bunch of bodegas (we actually lived above one, which was the epitome of convenience) and little markets to do fill-in trips after the weekly trek to the Fairway.

    • The other kick in the pants is that apartments for one person in France have mini-bar fridges which means I can’t even stock up when I *do* go to the store. The nearest bodega/convenience store in my ‘hood closes at 9 PM and only carries staples like milk and eggs, so that’s no help at all. After seven years, I still complain about this stuff, so it’s likely that I’ll never be happy. Until I have a HUGE fridge.

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