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Least-good Christmas time


[I don’t like Christmas. I realized too late that I should’ve done “12 Days of Not Liking Christmas” but will settle for just a few. I don’t think many of you will be checking your blog readers during le saison de Noël anyway.]

I don’t like Christmas songs. A carol in the middle of the summer is kind of refreshing, but during the holiday season when every public space is invaded by jingle bells and crooners I’m reminded that they’re awful and I want them to just stop.

I do like the Beatles though. They’re my favorite group of all time, hands down. The best Beatle was clearly John, then the combo of John&Paul, then George, then Paul on his own. (Ringo also exists but doesn’t merit rating.)

There is no way to justify how awful this image is

There is no way to justify how awful this image is

Over the years that he’s outlived his superior band mates, I find that I like Paul less and less. At Christmas time, I’m reminded of how insidious his solo career has been because that’s when the diabolical earworm that is “Wonderful Christmastime” plays. Every time I hear it, I flash back to the December in 2005 when I waitressed at an English pub in Barcelona. On the big projection screen during the lunch hour, the owner would have VH1 Classic on (which normally I would love), but in December they only played 80s Christmas songs. Worse yet, every day the playlist was the same and the lunch shift was five hours during which time “Wonderful Christmas Time” would play ONCE EVERY HOUR.

To end the 2012 season of Saturday Night Live, Sir Paul played “WC” breaking my streak of almost not hearing it during one calendar year. I’m starting to rethink my position on Ringo.

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2 thoughts on “Least-good Christmas time

  1. I am not a big fan of Christmas either and, like you, I don’t like the loop of the same Christmas songs everywhere you go. I don’t mind the actual day spent with family & friends but the leading up to is a nightmare!

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