Le cul entre les deux chaises

An American Spaniard in France or: How I Learned to Make an Ass of Myself in Three Cultures

Mac and fromage


As some famous dead guy should have written,

In the Winter a young woman’s fancy turns lightly to mac and cheese

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s gallery of glorious examples and the discovery of a cast iron Dutch oven in the apartment I’m subletting, I set out to gather all the necessary ingredients to make my own. And it was sublime.

Farfalle with artichokes, spinach and lots-o-cheese

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

5 thoughts on “Mac and fromage

  1. Concise, to-the-point, eloquent.
    Everything that Mac and Cheese is all about. Love it.

  2. OK, where’s the recipe? Now that you’ve made me drool looking at your photo! :)

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