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My favorite meal


Honestly, another thing I would eat all day, every day and never tire of: plain Cheerios and a bunch of cold milk. I like to keep my Cheerios crunchy so I use an advanced eating technique called janelling where you put the dry food in your mouth, then take a drink, mixing it all together as you chew. Sadly, a normal-sized box of Cheerios in Paris is too expensive for regular consumption so this is a treat I seldom enjoy.

Mr. Bear also likes Cheerios

Mr. Bear also likes Cheerios and milk

Learn something

Original plain Cheerios are only made in the US. In the UK, their “regular” kind is Multi-Grain which I don’t like because it’s sweetened and therefore gross. Unfortunately, this kind is available in more places here and is cheaper which is a double insult. The kicking-me-while-I’m-down award goes to Honey Nut Cheerios which you can seemingly buy anywhere, even in Spain, and which I can’t stand in the slightest because they’re chock full of sugar and yuck flavoring. (I assume that last part as they taste yuck but I haven’t actually checked the ingredients).


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “My favorite meal

  1. The French seems to like lots of sugar in their cereals. I am amazed at the selection with sugar but sadly there isn’t much choices when you don’t like it so sugary.

    • I have also been surprised by how all the cereal here seems to be full of sugar and almost nothing else. My preference for non-sweet things for breakfast isn’t very common in the US either, but at least there, you can choose from half a kilometer of cereals in most supermarkets.

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