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Fox Force Five Punchline


A distinct disadvantage to subletting is that when something goes wrong, like say, your Internet and phone connection go down for a week (!!!), you are powerless to do anything. This isn’t the first time this has happened here, but it is the first time that the outage lasted longer than a day. “Problems on the line” was the alleged reason, but I’m blaming Seth MacFarlane because he’s just the worst.

This period of disconnection meant that I broke my almost year-long streak of posting five days a week which pisses me off. I’m going to back date the items that should have run on the days I was offline and still count them since they were ready to go, I just hadn’t scheduled them yet. This means that those posts will probably show up in the backlog of readers and RSS feeds so I’m linking to them here as well.

What you missed while I was in limbo:

Possibly the best Word Mystery yet: bleach!

What my brother has in common with John McClane!

Back to our regularly scheduled programs next week, including:

An introduction to French popular music.

How to talk about stupid vampire books without mentioning them by name.

An inside joke reveals a Word Mystery.

All that and much, much more!

Mrs. Mia Wallace knows the joke I'm talking about. (image marilloca @ DeviantArt)

Mrs. Mia Wallace knows the joke I’m talking about. (image: marilloca @ DeviantArt)


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

7 thoughts on “Fox Force Five Punchline

  1. Welcome back and good to see you online again. I was wondering what had happened to you as I always watch for your post every morning…Will go back in time to read the other posts. (Suzanne)

    • Thanks for noticing I was gone! I admit that one of the things I missed most about being connected was all the fun we have over here on WP. I will have to spend the weekend getting caught up on everyone else’s adventures.

      • Actually, you will find this funny but you are part of my morning routine. I know you post every week day so after Pierre has left for work, I sit in front of my computer to do my e-mails, check the news and watch for your post while sipping my second cup of coffee…

      • I love that I’m part of your balanced French breakfast! What time are you usually in front of the computer? I will schedule my posts to go live at whichever hour you choose.

  2. You are too funny…I think your current publishing schedule is fine. I am normally in front of my computer with my morning coffee between 8:15 and 9am. Then I start my day with whatever I need to do that day but I am still mostly in front of my computer doing stuff so I keep looking for your post if it hasn’t come in yet!!!

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