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Cacahuètes aux herbes méditerranéennes


I tried the bacon-flavored peanuts, so I figured I’d try this other kind, marketed by the same company.

herb peanuts 1

It’s way hard to spell Mediterranean in French. Are three sets of double letters really necessary?

When the cashier tried to scan the barcode (barely visible in the bottom left corner), it wouldn’t work. She complained that the product must have been on the shelf too long and that the idiot stock boys hadn’t rotated the inventory. She was clearly pissed about a lot of things and was taking it out on the stock boys. Multiple attempts at entering the code by hand also failed, so she just rang the bag up as a Misc. item and charged me much less than the advertised price.

I was not dissuaded by her assertion that the peanuts had sat in the store for a long time and that no one else bought them. That actually raised my expectations as I’m starting to suspect the French don’t appreciate peanuts as they should.

herb peanuts 2

They look pretty good, right?

And the final judgment is that they actually taste pretty okay. Better than all of the other peanuts I’ve had here, but still not up to the level I’m used to. If there wasn’t any kind of seasoning on them, they might taste good, like normal dry-roasted peanuts, but given that I haven’t come across non-greasy regular peanuts yet, I’ll buy these again. Especially if I can get them heavily discounted.


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

4 thoughts on “Cacahuètes aux herbes méditerranéennes

  1. I’m a big fan of the ol’ cacahuetes, and would have willing tried bacon-flavored. Maybe I’m out of touch, but on our recent pass through Europe, I discovered all kinds of flavors that I hadn’t seen before. I don’t remember where I was, but I gobbled a bag of coconut-flavored nuts, and they were delish (even though they may have been out of date as well). They probably wouldn’t be the best with beer, but they were tasty. ~James

    • Interesting. I don’t like coconut flavoring, but am intrigued by the combo. Which countries were you traveling through? I have a vague sense that the quality and flavor combinations are regional or country-specific.

      • Our pass through Europe was part of an RTW, so we hit a few contries: Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, and Greece. And frankly, none of these countries really have a close association to coconut. Using the tropics logic, maybe that says Greece. This sounds like a project that needs “boots on the ground.” ~James

      • I didn’t mean tropics, I was referring to the habit of Med-adjacent countries having dried nuts and fruits as common snacks. In Spain, for instance, no kids party is complete without them. I’d say the US equivalent in this regard would be pizza.

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