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No shit, Sherlock


Here’s one of the signs in a new campaign to get French people to pick up after their dogs. (We previously agreed to call this poodle, non?)

The shit doesn't fall from the sky.

“The shit doesn’t fall from the sky.”

As you can tell, this sign is ENORMOUS. What you can’t see is that there are more versions posted every half block to make sure the point is really driven home. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

Cultural Differences

“Poodle” in public walking spaces is a nuisance and should be the responsibility of the canine’s owner. This being said, I never picked up after my own dog when I had one. This is because my dog was the best of his species and would take himself out for walks and return, usually 20 minutes later, and scratch on the door. It helped that I lived in an area where there were practically no fences or sidewalks, but his ability to self-regulate was still unheard of and super convenient.

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

8 thoughts on “No shit, Sherlock

  1. I haven’t seen this one yet but I must admit we haven’t much in Paris in May soI haven’t walked around.

    I have seen another campaign from the city that is a bit wider in scope trying to get people not to throw garbage on the streets (paper, cigarette butts as well as picking up “poodles”). Don’t know if it will work better than any of their other campaigns…to certain extent I doubt it!

    • You haven’t missed them (the signs are from a suburb), but they do indicate a willingness/need by someone to address the problem, so there’s that, at least. It’s been my experience that these types of campaigns are about indoctrinating younger generations about “correct” behavior. Despite being a smoker at the time, I found all the smoking in Spain to be truly disgusting b/c I’d been taught that, for instance, smoking on buses and in banks wasn’t okay.

  2. The worst area I lived in regarding people cleaning up after their pets was in New Haven. I lived across the street from a gourmet market so people were always walking past my building with their dogs, and despite it being a well-traveled street people would still flagrantly ignore the pile of shit their dog left on the sidewalk. New York was mostly better, save for one spot: the Riverside Drive viaduct. It’s very, very high up in the air and kind of narrow and completely terrifying to walk across, so people never stop to curb their dog because there is no one around to enforce it. Here is a shot of it from street level: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2457/3999988878_403dff7ce1.jpg

    • I’ve had occasion to spend time near the Queensboro, where there are some gnarly intersections, and am baffled that people walk their dogs in the area. It’s dangerous enough for humans, but navigating with a dog who wants to stop in the middle of the street or drop a big one in front of an old folks home… not cool.

      (Is that the overpass in THE FRENCH CONNECTION? Popeye Doyle probably wouldn’t scoop no poop…)

  3. Every so often, they launch a new campaign and nothing really changes. Comme on dit, en France, plus c’est la même chose !

    • I do think these campaigns are more about teaching younger people how to act. I’m pretty sure that people my age didn’t ever litter much because we grew up in a post-“Keep America Beautiful” world.

  4. That sign is funny. I will say that in NYC, the Pooper Scooper law really did drastically cut back on the amount of dog poo seen on the streets. But it took a while for it to catch on.

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