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Other People’s Pantries


Among the many benefits of renting an apartment instead of a hotel when you visit a city is that you get to see what kind of food other people buy. If it weren’t for this, I never would have discovered Raynal et Roquelaure Lentilles cuisinées à l’Auvergnate. This would have been a shame as these lentils have become one of my new favorite things to eat.

Lentils 1

The package doesn’t look like much and I don’t really like lentils (another way I’m a bad Spaniard) so I never would have picked them off the store shelf regardless of the marketing. And, I can not impress this upon you enough, life would have been a shade less glorious than it is now.

Closer inspection of the ingredients shows why these things are so damn tasty: they are less than half lentils (only 45%!) and one of the main components of the sauce is duck fat. May the gods continue to bless the French and their desire to put duck fat on so many things. I love them for it.

Lentils 2Just for fun

Duck Sauce!


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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “Other People’s Pantries

  1. While duck fat isn’t readily available (I mean Fairway has it, but it’s not cheap), will have to try sauteing my lentils in bacon fat the next time I make them.

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