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Stupid Italian rabies

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Chunk, Jake, Francis, (Francis’s toupee) and Mama Fratelli

How is it possible that I just now realized that the villains in THE GOONIES, the Fratellis, are “brothers” in Italian? I mean, I thought I knew just about everything about the best all-ages adventure tale that ever was. I even knew that the Scottish band The Fratellis took their name from the characters in the movie but I am just now putting together that the two brothers with mommy issues who scheme against each other and their simpler, slower sibling are called The Brothers? Rabies!!!

tonyhale hey brother

This is just unacceptable. If Buster Bluth had ever studied Roman irrigation systems or something even more useless, this epiphany would have happened a decade earlier.

Further Thinking: Is THE GOONIES Richard Donner’s best film? I crazylove SUPERMAN II and have an 80s kid’s fondness for LETHAL WEAPON, but GOONIES is perfect in every way and timeless, so I think it might be. Other opinions welcome.

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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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