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Things Each Country Excels At


I’m not sure about how accurate the data is, but here’s a map which shows the thing which many countries are good at (as defined by being better at than other countries). Spain came as no surprise to me (even the king is rumored to have a nose candy affinity).

Spain is really good atAnd here’s a spoiler-rific thing for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES which makes sense to put here because “My Cocaine” is what I will think about whenever I think of cocaine for the rest of my life.


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “Things Each Country Excels At

  1. I find it interesting that France is listed under Tourism. I thought the French had the reputation of not being very welcoming so not certain how they can excel in Tourism. They do get lots of tourists but I heard the other day that it isn’t a very big money maker for the French because most tourists will come in their caravans with lots of food with them and will go grocery shopping instead of going to restaurants and will also camp anywhere they can so without paying hotels or even camping fees. So this means that tourism isn’t one of the main revenue generating activities like in other countries…(Suzanne)

    • Yeah, that’s why I wish it was more clear where the data came from. I think what it means is that there is statistically more tourism (people visiting) France than any other country, which I do believe. Just think of all the places you and Pierre have visited in France! In Spain, I think it means that there’s probably more cocaine use per capita than elsewhere which is perfectly plausible (though a lot is probably people on vacation too).

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