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Word Outlier: lata


You are now entering a place… where one strange word… lives alone… separated from its sibling signifiers. This is The Outlier Zone.

Daylight saving time was yesterday meaning that 1) I am now only 5 hours ahead of EST and 2) anything that could be considered “nice” weather will no longer appear on the forecast. No matter, really, as I love bundling up and have already been rocking some Thinsulate™ and hats and gloves for the better part of two weeks.

It does bring to mind happier, sunnier times, though. Times when I’d hanker for a nice cool beer to quench my thirst. Times when my beer would be so cool, it’d wear sunglasses.

cannette Hoeg

Both the English can (a cylindrical metal container) and the French cannette (Contenant métallique cylindrique pour les boissons. [Cylindrical metal container for drinks]) come from the Genoan dialect’s cannetta [reed] but the Spanish differ, as they seem to make a habit of doing.

In Spain, you get a lata (Envase hecho de hojalata. [Container made of tin.]) but the word origin is, according the REA, “disputed” so I can’t tell you where it comes from.

Huh. Now I’m miffed. I don’t like having unanswered questions. I guess I owe you 25¢ for your time. Put it on my tab.

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “Word Outlier: lata

  1. No me importa como la llamen mientras siga conteniendo Hoegaarden! My fave beer!!!

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