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Euro Adapter: calendar


Patterns, habits and ways of expressing myself that I thought were set in stone before I became an expat have evolved and I now recognize that sometimes, the Old World’s got the New World beat.

One of my earliest conflicts with Europeans was about how their calendars were all wrong. The whole of my argument was the same as CJ’s on THE WEST WING when confronted with cartographers who want to flip the world map so that the northern hemisphere is on the bottom: “You can’t do that. ‘Cause it’s freaking me out.”

Calendars started on Sundays because they did, end of discussion.

But I was wrong.

Why does the visual representation not reflect the way people actually experience a whole seven-day period? It’s more natural to have the days of the weekend together at the end of the week since that’s how most people think of them anyway. Unite the clans!

I’m completely convinced that beginning-on-Mondays is the way to go. Take a look for yourself.

november-2013-calendar-image calendrier-novembre-2013

The only trick is when booking something online, like air or train tickets or hotels, you have to be mindful of how the calendars are formatted. Unless I’m the only person who just thinks of things visually which is a possibility that I’m not really willing to entertain at the moment. I can only adapt so much.

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

5 thoughts on “Euro Adapter: calendar

  1. I do have to be very careful when I book trips online as in my mind the week starts on Sundays. It has been the visual representation I have had all my life and adapting to the European one which starts on Mondays (even if it does make sense) has been a difficult one…not certain I have succeeded yet. (Suzanne)

    • The thing that helped me to adapt was that in Barcelona I lived by my daily planner which, being a Moleskine (Italian), was arranged in the Euro way. It was actually difficult at first to change the way I saw the week, but I really like this way so much better now. The downside is that I can’t buy US wall calendars (which generally have more fun themes).

      I’ll be curious to know what things you’ve accidentally adapted to when you go back to Canada.

      • Hi: You make a good point about our return to Canada. We will probably keep the blog going for a little while after our return to document what fascinates us when we return; things we had forgotten or when our perception of things has changed…though don’t know if 2 years living in Europe will be sufficient time to have changed much…

  2. I am in total agreement. Lumping the weekends together makes total sense … or is it that the existing calendars spread the joy around? :) My favorite part was the CJ reference, ’cause it’s freaking me out. Perfect! ~Terri

    • It totally did freak me out for a long time, every day! I remember having an actual argument with one of my first roommates about how his calendar was wrong because I couldn’t stand looking at it, it was so disconcerting. Now I wish I had his address so I could send him an “I’m sorry” note because he was 100% right.

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