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Lookit! French Fazer mints!

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We always had chocolate covered mint things like Andes Candies and Fazers at home when I was little. The Fazers, which I continue to call “Frazers,” loom larger in my memory so they must have been more infrequent and therefore more special.

Even though I don’t really like mint-flavored things and I’d rather not have any chocolate than have to eat dark, the nostalgic part of me craves these things sometimes and now, I have a replacement.

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→ Fazers/Frazers are Finnish! I basically know nothing about Finland other than what’s in Monty Python’s “The Finland Song.” The Internet just told me that it used to be an autonomous Grand Duchy of Russia. (This is crazy in the senses of being insane and amazing that I had no idea about this before.)

Anyway, a guy named Karl Fazer (Frazer) opened a café in Helsinki in 1891 and he and his wife started making their own chocolates a few years later.

→ Andes mints have nothing at all to do with South America and everything to do with a guy from Chicago called Andy Kanelos. He had a candy store in 1921 that made the chocolates, but since then, the brand has been owned by Interfood, Jacob Suchard, Brach’s and is now part of the Tootsie Roll family of candies which are the worst. Learning this has totally killed my affection for Andes.




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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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