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Foreign to me now: roof decks


In Barcelona, almost all the places I lived in had huge roof decks. They were all bigger than the actual apartments and were also much bigger than any place I lived in the US. Realistically, you could probably hang out there 10 months a year, though you’d need a jacket for a few of those weeks.

That’s totally nuts (and unnatural) to me now. Humans shouldn’t live in places that are hot for so long.

My first place on Sardenya. The deck continued around to the left.

My first place on Sardenya. The deck continued around to the left.

And here’s a fraction of one of my other roof decks in Barcelona.


Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

3 thoughts on “Foreign to me now: roof decks

  1. Wow…that is quite some deck…I miss having a balcony in our current apartment. We had a house & backyard in Toronto so I miss this direct access to being outside…(Suzanne)

    • Thinking about how the house I grew up in had a front and back yard is way too foreign for me now since I haven’t lived in a “proper” house in decades. It’s funny how quickly things become normal and then abnormal again.

      Did you guys give up your house or are you renting it out?

      • We sold the house as we won’t be going back to Toronto but to Montreal…you are right that we do get use to new things much faster than one would expect but I would love to have a balcony!!!

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