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An American Spaniard in France or: How I Learned to Make an Ass of Myself in Three Cultures

Battlestar Galactica toilet in Paris

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If you’ve seen the show, you know what I mean. If you haven’t seen it but don’t like stories that end “because God wanted it this way” or “the character was Jesus all along,” I wouldn’t recommend it. Regardless, this toilet in a restaurant near the Opéra Garnier was weird enough that I was compelled to pull my camera out in a public restroom.

BSG toilet in ParisI like to imagine that in a parallel dimension there’s a version of me who consumes all the media and then tells this version of me what stuff to avoid (like LOST and BSG).

Wait, maybe *I’m* the version who has to suffer through all the Christ parables in pop culture so that *another* version of me doesn’t have to.

Whoa, maybe *I’m* the Christ figure in this scenario, sacrificing my own happiness and need for narrative cohesion and closure so that some other version of me lives in a world of well plotted original stories. This kind of cosmic irony may definitively prove or disprove the existence of a higher being, though I’m not sure which.

Funny Things Happen on the Way to the Opera House

Like this and this and this and this.

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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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