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A Dream of Spring


Will this season never end? Are we truly living in Westeros?

Here are some spring peas from last year that I cooked up with some mushrooms, garlic and green onions. They were so fresh and bright … god, I miss food that tastes happy.

Alas! Sun-kissed vegetables I once knew.

Alas! Sun-kissed vegetables I knew some once.

I bought some peas over the weekend and they tasted like preschool paste. An apple from the other week was mealy. Bananas are always a safe bet but they’re boring and I don’t like them. When will spring come? Where are the strawberries?

I’m not holding my breath

Before A Dream of Spring, the proposed seventh title in George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, we must get the sixth book, The Winds of Winter. I might have been able to put up with this interminable season if I’d had the several hundred pages that the book’s sure to be to keep me company but I didn’t. I’m not sure which thing annoys me more.

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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

5 thoughts on “A Dream of Spring

  1. Yeah, I’m so over this winter. I’m hoping that all of this snow will mean that this year’s ramp season will be a good one, because the normal mania for them will probably escalate to eleven just because it’s the most definitive sign that winter is finally OVER.

    • I feel bad complaining since we haven’t suffered as much as the Midwest, the East Coast or England, but this gloom’s got to go. Global malaise doesn’t help anyone and I think everyone’s in a funk.

      What do you do with ramps? Don’t think I’ve ever made any.

      • They are little baby wild leeks and they are AMAZING, because you can use the entire things (save for the roots) and I’ve made pestos, pickled ramps (best Gibsons ever!), and salsas with them. Some like to gently pan-roast them too.

      • Hmm. I will _consider_ these ramps you speak of, but not liking leeks, I don’t know if they’ve got a chance with me. Of course, if they’re pretty and bright looking, I’ll buy them anyway and then figure out how to eat them.

  2. I sympathise. Although it’s not been cold, I am so over winter. Bring on spring!

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