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2013 Winter playlist, Part 1

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[This season’s playlist is really long (partly because this winter is never-ending) so I’m breaking it up and sharing at least the first bunch of tracks now. Otherwise, the post would be too unwieldy.]

This was the first time in many years that I’ve been in the US and able to share a lot of my music with friends. I mentioned to them that Shazam, the amazing app that identifies songs after listening to a few seconds, sometimes doesn’t recognize the songs I want it to. I figure this is probably because my European radio selections aren’t in whatever database Shazam pulls from. This makes me sad because then I have to do additional research (extra work = bad), but the American perspective seemed to be that I must be hearing super cool music.

This anecdote presented to you as an example of why I can’t imagine living in the US again. If my own friends, carefully chosen from the available selection of people for how few fucks they give about such things, are now concerned with how hip and ahead of the mainstream they are… all is lost to me.

Even before this last trip, I was pretty much decided against the country. The whole continent snubbed Kings of Leon’s first three studio albums and four EPs! How could I ever be expected to return to a populace with such poor judgement?*

Anyway, here are some songs and almost all of them are actually from 2013 which is rare. Could the music world finally be coming around to my way of dancing? 2014 really is the year of everything coming up Milhouse!

2013 Winter Playlist 1

  1. Arcade Fire, “Reflektor” (2013) — I don’t really like Arcade Fire but this one’s got actual Bowie on it! Bowie!
  2. Arctic Monkeys, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” (2013) — AM are getting better with time.
  3. Atlas Genius, “If So” (2013) — happy jumpy danceable music.
  4. Beatsteaks, “Atomic Love” (2004) — 80s + Mighty Mighty Bosstones as interpreted by a German band.
  5. The Boxer Rebellion, “Diamonds” (2013) — Interpol + Editors, heavy bass guitar.
  6. Caged Animals, “Cindy & Me” (2013) — crazy polka/dance/funk [no video or links available — wth?].
  7. The Chain Gang of 1974, “Sleepwalking” — The Killers + Editors.
  8. Chlöe Howl, “No Strings (Moto Blanco Remix)” — I want to report this song to the authorities for being too damn danceable.
  9. Chlöe Howl, “Paper Heart” — great pop breakup song. She’s gonna be a big deal, I think.
  10. Cut Copy, “Free Your Mind” (2013) — Deee-Lite + Depeche Mode + Talking Heads. Engineered in a lab to make me have a SERIOUS DANCE PARTY.
  11. The Derevolutions, “Yell It Out!” (2013) — like The Go! Team (peppy and lots of sampling).
  12. Exabyte, “Chapel of The Robo-Priest” (2013) — if a robot sang “Golden Brown” by the Stranglers.

*There was that whole 2004 presidential election thing too. Those people are idiots. 

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