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A favorite place, Père-Lachaise


These are some pictures I took in December of one of my favorite places to hang out in Paris, the Père-Lachaise cemetery. There are tons of famous people buried there (Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison) and it draws a pretty decent amount of tourists, but it’s a very mellow place to go.

Père-Lachaise 1

Someone didn’t rake the yard in time! The grass’ll be dead next year and it’s all their fault.

Père-Lachaise 2

Cold enough to freeze in the shade, nice in the sun.

Père-Lachaise 3

The moss is lovely but is probably bad for the stone.

Père-Lachaise 5

I like that this looks like a winter landscape.


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Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “A favorite place, Père-Lachaise

  1. Lovely pictures…we didn’t get that many frosts this year so you are lucky to have been there when there was one…(Suzanne)

    • I don’t know about “lovely,” but they do convey how cold it was in the shade that day. I was surprised by the frost since it hadn’t seemed cold enough to allow any to form and I was just so happy to see anything resembling snow.

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