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Subway strawberries


A thing that never occurred to me growing up was that someday, I’d be buying fruit underground and loving it. The thought most likely didn’t cross my mind because I didn’t live in a place with a subway system, but also because I didn’t eat many fruits or vegetables on principle as a child.

Now, I eat them with relish (not the condiment, but the sentiment) and sometimes, if I’m going to get home after the local shops have closed, I’ll pick up some fruit from the guys set up in the Metro on the way. The other day, I got the end-of-day price of 2€ for almost half a kilo of strawberries and they were really good. This batch wasn’t as good, but for another 2€, I got a whole bunch of berries and I was happy.

Subway strawberries

Author: le cul en rows

I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

2 thoughts on “Subway strawberries

  1. I only have experience in the London and Barcelona underground/metro stations, but it’s not beyond the realm of disbelief that you could get decent produce underground. It would never work in New York because the rat problem is bad enough as it is.

    • Is it terrible that your comment made me laugh? I always look for rats and mice on the train tracks here and haven’t seen any yet, which is amazing to me. I hadn’t thought that lack of rodents = fruit possibilities but you’re totally right. In BCN, it was way too damn hot down there to sell anything perishable, but here, it’s more like room temperature underground which is nice, I guess.

      (Do you not ride the MTA?)

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