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The Replacement Loot

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You know that my watch died, so it clearly needed replacing. I’ve also decided to commute to work by bike some days to avoid the scrum of Metro madness, so I needed a Velcro-less* messenger bag too as my professional leather bags weren’t up to the task. Most items were found on eBay or REI’s outlet page.

Loot 2014 stuff

This loot includes:

  • Patagonia MiniMass Messenger bag — a messenger bag with snap closures and just the right amount of space to limit what I carry.
  • Timex Weekender Indiglo watch — Indiglo is on my list of things I love along with Thinsulate and neoprene.
  • Spanx tights — I am a total convert. These things don’t fall down, droop or sag. They are a wonder.
  • shearling-lined slipper booties — my toes almost fell off from the cold this past winter. Turns out that if you aren’t living in a carpeted apartment, the floors are frozen.
  • 2 zip compartments — surprise items patterned after salvaged library books.
  • purple snowflake — another surprise item that speaks to how I am a unique snowflake.

*Velcro should be reserved for uses that are only a couple times a day. Repeated opening of Velcro-shut bags is grating and also wears on the bag. Ask the two Timbuk2 bags I destroyed if you don’t believe me.


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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

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