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Monet’s garden, Part I


A long time ago I recommended going to Giverny, the town where Monet settled to live and work. I hadn’t been since I was 7 and a half but had fond memories. I went again and those memories were justified as it’s a totally easy train ride and the grounds do not disappoint.

Here are a bunch of lily pads, descendants of the ones Monet painted, in his back garden.

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I'm an American Spaniard, living in France. I like to tell stories.

7 thoughts on “Monet’s garden, Part I

  1. Lovely. We haven’t made it there yet because I am afraid that there will be too many people…(Suzanne)

    • It’s worth the trip, but I would wait until after la rentrée. It was positively mobbed with people, though the train was mostly empty on the way up.

      • I think the explanation of the empty train is that most people go with bus tours to Monet’s garden…most tourists wouldn’t know how to navigate (or wouldn’t take the time to understand) the train system in & around Paris. I will put on the list for the Fall…might be nice then.

      • That makes more sense than what I was imagining — that all the tourists sprung, fully-formed like Athena, out of some spot between Vernon and Giverny! Or a worm hole. That was also a possibility I considered.

      • Well…maybe you are the one that is right…I was being my usual practical and unimaginative self but a mystical explanation might be in order here!!!

  2. I went last weekend and it was pretty mobbed. But in September it’s probably much nicer. We rented bikes at the bar directly across from the train station and took the walking/bike path almost all the way there. It passes behind lots of old house and it’s very pleasant and peaceful. There was nowhere to picnic at Monet’s gardens, but anywhere along the bike trail is nice. There is lots of grass and shade.

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