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2013 Summer Playlist

Summer officially ended over the weekend. The weather turned here a few weeks ago, but I was too wrapped up in reading everything on the Internet to consider that it might be a good time to close out the 2013 Summer Playlist.

The only thing I have to say for myself this time is that since I wasn’t online for two whole months, I didn’t get a chance to hear a lot of new stuff.

2013 Summer Playlist

  1. Arctic Monkeys, “R U Mine?” — if you like AM, Bloc Party, Hard-Fi, etc. this is more of that.
  2. Awolnation, “Sail” — like Muse, but good.
  3. Daft Punk, “Get Lucky” — this is the song that will endure as the song of the summer.
  4. Fitz and the Tantrums, “Out of My League” — if John Hughes were still alive, he’d score a teen comedy to this song.
  5. Kings of Leon, “Wait For Me” — someday, I’m going to stop loving KoL as much as I do.
  6. Kings of Leon, “Supersoaker” — this year isn’t going to be when that happens.
  7. Owl Eyes, “Pumped Up Kicks” — Aussie girl covers a 2011 Spring Playlist selection and makes it more fun.
  8. Reptile Youth, “Speeddance” — this song makes me vogue.
  9. San Cisco, “Fred Astaire” — the happiest of the bunch, kinda like Vampire Weekend.
  10. Andre 3000 and Beyoncé, “Back to Black” — is it wrong that I like this Amy Winehouse cover better?
  11. will.i.am, “Bang Bang” — I’ll grant that the lyrics are terrible, but it’s very catchy.
  12. Woodkid, “I Love You” — a French guy who sings Wall of Sound-ish tunes in English.

The back catalog: 2012 Winter, 2012 Summer